Scorned Former Lover Of Drew Carey’s Ex Dr. Amie Harwick Charged With Murder & Burglary

Gareth Pursehouse, the accused killer of Drew Carey’s ex-fiancée Dr. Amie Harwick has been arrested and charged with murder and first degree residential burglary, can confirm.

A Los Angeles Police Department news release states that on Wednesday, February 19, around 4:30 p.m., Pursehouse, 41, was arrested in Los Angeles for a felony no bail warrant. He was charged hours later, according to documents obtained by Radar. 

The felony complaint states that Pursehouse “intentionally killed” Harwick, 38, “by means of lying in wait” after breaking into her home.

His arrest came on the same day that the case was presented to the District Attorney, and hours after he was first arrested and then released on $2 million bond.

As Radar readers know, on February 15 police found Dr. Harwick — a Hollywood sex and family therapist — lying unconscious on the floor with severe injuries after falling from the third-floor balcony of her apartment building. Her male roommate, now identified as Michael Herman, had called 9-1-1 moments prior to report that Harwick was being assaulted.

Upon investigating the scene, police found evidence of a struggle upstairs, near the balcony, and of a forced entry. They now believe Pursehouse — Harwick’s troubled ex — entered her apartment unannounced and fled after the murder.

The felony complaint states that Pursehouse was charged with first degree residential burglary with the person present after he “did enter an inhabited dwelling house and trailed coach and inhabited portion of a building” occupied by Harwick and Herman, “with the intent to commit larceny and any felony.”

Pursehouse’s mother told Radar in an exclusive interview that Harwick left the accused killer about six years ago and “broke his heart.” He had since cut off communication from his family. 

Following the breakup, police found that Harwick filed various complaints against Pursehouse, who she claimed stalked and physically abused her. She was granted several restraining orders, but they all expired about two weeks before her death. Around the same time, she ran into Pursehouse at a Hollywood event, and her friend told reporters that at that moment, Pursehouse’s obsession for her reignited.

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner Coroner’s office conducted an autopsy on Harwick and her body was released to her family on Wednesday, Radar confirmed. Her funeral is set to take place on February 27 in her hometown of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, her family announced on the funeral home’s website