Scientologists Construct Bunker In Tom Cruise’s Secret Getaway

The whereabouts of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s allegedly missing wife Shelly has long been the source of huge mystery, but stunning new aerial shots obtained by are provoking more frenzied debate over where she could be

In a photo exclusive, up-close aerial shots reveal a never-before-seen secret bunker in the grounds of Scientology’s Gold Base headquarters that’s located in a remote part of the Southern California desert.

It’s thought Shelly, who has not been seen publicly since 2007, could be within the bowels of the property, just a stone’s throw from the church’s Bonnie View mansion, which is being kept for the supposed return of their late founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Former celebrity Scientologist Steven Mango told Radar that Hubbard’s writings may be kept in underground vaults at Gold Base – but since leaving the church, he has another much more chilling theory.

“Could there be underground bunkers to store others, such as David Miscavige or his allegedly missing wife Shelly, in case Gold Base was raided by law enforcement?” he wondered. “Could Shelly be possibly buried, or, if alive, imprisoned within Gold Base within one of these secretive bunkers?”

“My best bet, besides the above, would be that given David Miscavige is being sued by countless former members for abuse, he is going to be deposed,” continued Mango, explaining, “If he is ever wanted by law enforcement I can see there being extensive underground secretive shelters being set up to escape in.”

“I honestly believe he will go to any extent to protect Scientology, even if that means never being seen in public again,” he added, noting he holds the “same theory for Shelly – being deposed and needing to hide.”

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