Top View of Woman Holding Runes in Hands Near Crystals on Black

Runes Of Your Zodiac Sign

The ancient knowledge of mystical runes, small stones with magical carvings can cast light on significant meanings and connections with each Zodiac sign. They can help you understand your qualities and use them to your advantage.


FEHU is lucky, happy, and boosts your energy.

URUZ signifies wild potential.

Together these stones give you strength, fire, and power to begin and accomplish desired goals.


THURISAZ symbolizes instinct and sensuality, making earthly energies forceful and more powerful.

ANSUZ is associated with good health, ingenuity, and productivity, boosting creativity and energy.


RAIDO represents movement, expedition, and evolution or relocation.

KENAZ encourages intellectual and spiritual reality.

Together strong communication, challenges, and academic development are embodied.


WUNJO represents joy, solace, energy, kindness, and fellowship. A sacred reward is associated with emotions in this rune.

GEBO is the rune of generosity, gifts, and sacrifice, symbolizing personal connection.


HAGALAZ connects with nature’s wrath and destructive power. It encourages you to test your abilities and gain spiritual completion.

NAUTHIZ represents acquiring power through resistance to change and survive ever-present challenges.


ISAZ wants you to look for clarity, answers to understand the frustration, using perception, intellect, concentration, and growth.

JERA instills a message of harvest, paying attention to detail to acquire harmony and peace through supportive energy.


PERTHRO contains feminine energy and can give serenity at home. It also is a connection to secrets, mysteries, and hidden things.

EIHWAZ gifts truth, persistence, and courage, providing the strength to acquire harmony.


ALGIZ creates protective energy around you to obtain shelter.

SOWILO gives positive power to achieve goals and victory.

This combination of runes adds support, making your dreams reality.


TIWAZ instructs you to be rational and empathetic and gives you the strength to lead and investigate the world.

BERKANA is the rune of birth and rebirth, making the right combination of runes to help you transform and learn.


EHWAZ supports you with intense energy, helping to grow and achieve your objective. It is the rune of transportation, both literally and mentally.

MANNAZ helps maintain the individual self with rule, order, traditions, and harmony.


LAGUZ, the rune of dreams, wants you to remain open to new ideas, to explore unconditionally, gathering spiritual growth.

INGWAZ stresses rest and revitalization, gestation, peace, and occasionally love.


OTHALA represents spiritual and ancestral inheritance and endeavors that allow transformation in the ideal quest.

DAGAZ symbolizes the conscious awakening you achieve through free will, focusing on the desire to obtain the absolute.