Matzo Ball Soup, Buffalo Wings and More of Seth Rogen’s Postmates Orders

Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, are major Postmates fans! The couple are the subject of the post on The Receipt, the food delivery company’s blog that gives an inside look at celebrities’ eats-related orders, and it’s clear they have enjoyed some memorable meals.

The duo have shared a Postmates account since 2014, (three years after they tied the knot) and since then they have racked up a bill of more than $21,000 – or approximately $4,200 a year.

More specifically, the 37-year-old Long Shot star and his screenwriter wife, also 37, have spent $21,320 on a total of 227 orders spread out across more than nine cities nationwide. What’s more? In the five years since Rogen and Miller Rogen created a joint Postmates account, the twosome have purchased 763 items from 67 merchants.

“Eating is one of our favorite things to do together, so we’re pretty 50/50 about it most of the time,” Miller Rogen explained. “We start the process of talking about in the late afternoon and by the time we’re ready to order, we’ve usually collaborated on whatever it is we’re having that night.”

The Like Father director also acknowledged that she and her husband tend to be “pretty healthy,” but they allow themselves a few cheat meals per week. “Those are usually some kind of buffalo or Korean fried chicken wing, yummy Italian, dumplings – something real splurgy,” she said. Their most-ordered cuisines are American, sushi, deli, Middle Eastern and French.

And while some husband and wife teams struggle to get on the same page, food-wise, that’s not the case for this Hollywood power couple. “Our only real culinary difference is that he can handle much more heat than I can,” Miller Rogen stated.

The most expensive single meal billed to the couple’s Postmates account was a $276 Sugarfish order made on August 4th, 2017. Conversely, the least expensive meal the couple has ordered was a single serving of matzo ball soup for $7.90 from L.A.’s Canter’s Delicatessen.

Scroll down to see more of this famous pair’s most memorable Postmates orders!

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