Zodiac Love Languages

Love Languages Of The Zodiac

Understanding both your own and your partner’s love languages is crucial to a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

There are five love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, receiving gifts, and physical touch. Knowing which of these speak to the heart of the person you wish to reach is more natural when combined with the Zodiac.

Just as those who share a sign possess similar characteristics, they also have a shared love language. Use this list to show your partner or prospect that you care about their fulfillment and watch your relationship blossom.


Aries is passionate and ready for adventure. Physical touch excites Aries and encourages them to bring you into their passion. Join in one of their pursuits to spend time on their terms to really win a place in Aries’ heart.


Deeply connected to the earth, the harvest, and the physical pleasures of life, Taurus craves physical touch in their relationships. The hardworking Taurus also appreciates a thoughtful gift as they know how much work goes into the gesture.


Ever the talented linguist, Gemini adores words of affirmation. Read the mood of Gemini correctly to deliver your lines in a way they will be well received. Though always on the go Gemini loves to spend quality time together. Keep up with Gemini’s schedule, and you have a relationship built to last.


Cancer loves deeply and madly but can retreat if they do not feel safe and appreciated. Offer Cancer plenty of quality time to bond and words of affirmation to assure them of their importance.


Warm and effervescent Leo longs to hear kind words of affirmation. Tell Leo how you feel, then show them with an act of service. Leo can’t resist the attention and will admire the extra effort.


Effective and stable relationships are those based on communication, and Virgo loves open and honest communication. Use words of affirmation to be direct with Virgo about how you feel. To really enchant Virgo, bolster your words with acts of service to prove you mean what you say.


The peacemaker and diplomat, Libra, appreciates a partner who shares their love of kind and just words. With a soft side for luxury, Libra also enjoys receiving gifts. Win Libra’s heart with open, honest communication, good character, and shiny (ethically mined) baubles.


Scorpio is highly passionate but may have a wall up. Use acts of service to breakthrough Scorpio’s tough exterior so that you can use physical touch to show them how you feel. Physical contact speaks to Scorpio on an intense level and will keep your relationship healthy and exciting.


Idealistic and adventurous Sagittarius doesn’t slow down for much, so join them for some quality time. Though Sagittarius loves a companion on some of life’s adventures, some are best trekked alone. When Sagittarius needs some time alone, make sure they have their fill of words of affirmation to carry them through.


Hardworking and disciplined, Capricorn understands and values time and effort. Spend quality time with Capricorn to show that you value them above all else. Acts of service will impress Capricorn as they understand the sacrifices made to make others a priority.


Ever evaluating and practical, Aquarius values concrete acts of service over fancy words or gestures. Show Aquarius that you care by doing something for them that needs to be done, like washing the dishes or another chore. They will appreciate your forethought and action. Sometimes you may use Aquarius’ second love language of physical touch to bring logical Aquarius back to the messy earth.