Kanye West Holds Midnight Mass Service For Kobe Bryant After Helicopter Crash Death

Kanye West hosted a Midnight Mass service honoring Kobe Bryant after his tragic death in a helicopter crash.

The Yeeszus rapper gathered a group of friends together for the late-night meeting after news broke that the Laker’s legend, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others were killed.

Kim Kardashian posted several videos on her Instagram story from the service with videos that were illuminated in red and showed her husband preaching to the crowd.

“Midnight Sunday Service I needed to hear this,” Kim, 39, wrote on a video that she shared.

Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban posted multiple videos from Kanye’s service, captioning one “Kanye Midnight Mass Kobe,” with an emoji of praying hands.

Kanye was speaking on one of Foodgod’s videos, telling the attendees in mourning, “If Kobe was here, he here tonight.”

The service was held hours after Radar confirmed that Bryant, 41, and the eight other passengers on his helicopter died when it crashed into a mountain in Calabasas, Calif., near where the entire Kardashian family live.

Kourtney Kardashian also attended the church service, posting videos of West singing his song “Selah.”

“God is King, we the soldiers / Ultrabeam out the solar / When I get to Heaven’s gates / I ain’t gotta peek over / Keepin’ perfect composure / When I scream at the chauffeur / I ain’t mean, I’m just focused / I ain’t mean, I’m just focused,” Kanye sang in Kourtney’s video.

Singer Kirk Franklin, who has just performed in the Nipsey Hussle tribute at the Grammy Awards at the Staples Center, gave a touching speech to the crowd at Kanye’s service.

“There will be moments where the loving father will not seem to make any sense,” he said. “And we’ve been told so much through religion that it is wrong to ask God why.”

Chance the Rapper also made an appearance, singing the song “Ultralight Beam” for the group.

Radar readers know Kobe’s helicopter crash occurred shortly before 10 a.m. on January 26. Emergency officials responded to the scene immediately but found “no survivors” in the accident.

All nine passengers aboard were identified as families grappled with the heartbreaking losses.

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