‘I’m Going To Stab You In The Neck!’ Amber Appears To Threaten To Kill Andrew In Chilling Audio

Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic battery on July 5, 2019 after allegedly attacking her baby daddy Andrew Glennon with a machete as he held their 1-year-old son James.

But the violent fight doesn’t appear to be the first time Portwood, 29, abused her baby daddy, as new audio from two separate fights depicts just how verbally and physically abusive Portwood allegedly was to Glennon.

The YouTube channel Without A Crystal Ball released audio obtained from a family member that appears to be the Teen Mom OG stars fighting. In the first clip, Portwood allegedly exploded at Glennon, with their toddler in the room, for waking her up for an appointment at 2 in the afternoon.

“If you don’t pick him up you f**king fat piece of s**t I’m going to f**king stab you,” she said. “Get your fat a** up and get him.”

When he responded, “I thought you were watching him?” she fired back. “I’m not watching him today you’re f**king stupid.”

Glennon replied, “So you’re just going to throw him at me?”

Portwood then asked her then-boyfriend where the cameras are, as he explained he set them up in their home when they were out of town.

He responded, “There is no camera, you chopped it with a sword.”

She exploded back, “You’re a little f**king pussy. I bet you if you got in trouble you would sit down and take down 30 people. You would get raped.”

She then continued to go off about the cameras in the home.

“You’re a scummy little b**h,” she yelled. “I wasn’t attacking you. I’m five-foot f**king two. For you to sit there and say I attack you. I will not do this s**t again. I will have lawyers up the a**.”

He then said, “To say I will kill you is really scary, okay?”

She fired back, “You are really dumb, okay? For you to even say that is stupid. You should not have woken me up this morning. I told you a million times.”

But the explosive fights don’t end there. Scroll through Radar’s gallery to go inside another chilling argument.

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