Here’s a funny story about American Pie that Schitt’s Creek fans will love

Here’s a funny story about American Pie that Schitt’s Creek lovers will adore

Here’s a funny story about <em>American Pie</em> that <em>Schitt’s Creek</em> fans will love” src=”” width=”1000″ height=”666″></a><br />
<p>For five glorious seasons,” <em>Schitt’s Creek </em>has long been one of the very watchable comedies on TV.  And this blessing in our Netflix queues wouldn’t exist without the usage of father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, that co-created and celebrity in the sequence.  While Dan is famous for playing the eccentric David Rose on <em>Schitt’s Creek</em>, his dad has been a household name for many years.  Eugene appeared in the 1999 teenager classic <em>American Pie</em> (which totally ruined the concept of group camp for people ).  The two Levys may work nicely together today, but Dan recently opened up about the way his daddy’s <em>American Pie </em>function led to some embarrassing moments as a teenager. </p>
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The Levys spoke to EW for its magazine’s forthcoming LGBTQ problem, and they both admitted the’90s movie wasn’t a picture they could enjoy together. Dan, that was 15 as soon as the comedy hit theaters, stated that he”did not like the attention” if the film came out. He bowed out of describing the premiere together with his father when a friend cautioned that it would be uncomfortable. But the movie still contributed to some challenges to the celebrity. Especially, some of his peers thought the movie was about him.

“That movie come out while I was in high school, I received plenty of idiots saying,’Ooh. Is that a story on your life?'” Dan told EW. “And in my mind I was (*),”’I would kill to have a life that is intriguing enough to turn into a picture. No, thank you. And I did not fuck a pie'”

Really, can you imagine having your high school classmates taunting you around who ?

Poor Dan. However, it is a bit funny. On the flip side, it has been 20 years since American Pie came out, so he’s not dealing with this offender . If anyone gives him trouble today, he could simply fire back with all the Schitt’s Creek catchphrase:”Ew, David.”

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