Get Ready For The Next New Moon And First Solar Eclipse Of 2021

New moons signify new beginnings and are a superior time for intention-setting and manifestation. New moons in astrology indicate the beginning of a new lunar cycle. While you may not see the moon very prominently during this phase of the moon, its energy is just as strong as any other time of the month.

The next new moon is coming up on June 10 in the quirky and quick-thinking sign of Gemini, which grants us a fresh start in communication and encourages us to interact with the world around us differently. The June 2021 new moon also happens to be the first solar eclipse of the year, so it’s expected to bring sudden new beginnings and flash opportunities that could indicate the start of something significant in your life. Sit back and hear what the universe is trying to tell you before making any big moves.

Fun fact: New moons will always be in the corresponding zodiac sign that the Sun is traveling through currently! For example, a new moon that happens during Leo season will be in Leo no matter what. That’s because new moons transpire when the moon aligns with the Sun in a conjunction phase. This favorable alignment brings the energy of new opportunities, potential, and growth.

Regardless of what season and zodiac sign it is in, all new moons affect us in many ways. Read below to see how new moons influence all zodiac signs during each lunar cycle.

New Moons Can Affect Your Mood.

In astrology, new moons usually call us to think about where we are and assess what we want from a more peaceful perspective. To achieve this, remember to provide yourself time and space to retreat into yourself and welcome solitude. Lean into your inner introvert, and don’t be scared to forego any big social plans if you’d prefer to be alone.

New Moons Can Make You Sleepy.

When the moon goes dark throughout a new moon phase, you’ll possibly want to hit the sack a tad earlier than usual. Because the moon’s light departs during a new moon, so do our energy levels — think of it as a little cyclical moon hibernation.

You’ll Feel More Motivated To Reach Your Goals.

A new moon occurs when the moon’s light is at its lowest point — but from there, it starts to grow or “wax” larger for the weeks leading up to the full moon, which increases our motivation levels, and assists in bringing some cosmic momentum to our personal intentions. So don’t be deceived by your sleepy new moon feels — that’s really just a moment of respite before diving in head-first to your projects and goals.

New Moons Are A Great Time For Positivity And Self-Care.

New moons are all about possibility and hope, making it an exceptionally important time to be more positive, kind, and caring toward yourself, as well as preserve your sensitive energy. Avoid wasting time with people who are pessimistic and discouraging. Do things beneath the new moon that make you feel excited and optimistic about new opportunities.

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