Chiron retrograde begins on Thursday, July 15, and concludes on Sunday, December 19. The whole retrograde takes place in Aries, a strong fire sign.

Even if you do not feel deep scars, many of us are healing from more trauma than we could ever realize due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chiron’s retrograde provides us an opportunity to heal and live the healthiest and happiest life possible. Questioning how it influences your sign directly?


Chiron retrograde will influence you more than other signs, as it falls in your sign. In fact, you’re most likely already processing the trauma of the pandemic. You may be used to delving into old wounds with a therapist. Just be sure to factor in lots of time for sleep, self-care, and healthy meals to self-soothe throughout this emotionally difficult time.


Life is truly going well for you these days, Taurus, but every so often, painful memories from the past keep you up at night. So far, you’ve battled these scary thoughts with wine, sex, and food and may feel like most of your emotional heavy lifting is dealt with. Chiron retrograde would like you to know that life can get even more enjoyable. Set some time aside to speak to a professional about your old wounds, meditate, or divulge your past to a trusted friend.


Chiron retrograde invites you to examine your relationships, sensual Gemini. You probably have loads of friends at your disposal and pride yourself on your flirting abilities. Not to call you out too badly, but are you dating in a manner that’s right for your needs or just dodging intimacy? Spend some time considering this to figure it out.


Chiron retrograde has an unusual request for you, Cancer: stop thinking about the past. You are prone to nostalgia, guilt, and frequently living in daydreams from ages ago. You need a fast kick in the butt to remind yourself how great life is in the present.


Leo, you are just so amazing that you may evade thinking about the past — but sometimes you need to heal to move on properly. Chiron retrograde hints that you could be even healthier and happier if you ultimately acknowledge old childhood hurts. Try working it out with a creative outlet.


You are a sign that’s inclined to anxiety, beloved Virgo. As the zodiac’s healer, you may feel compelled to use your time helping others during Chiron retrograde but beware of taking on other’s miseries. Try prioritizing yourself for once, and if possible, take a pleasant vacation. You don’t want to end up like Chiron, who served others but left himself forgotten.


Chiron retrograde directs your attention to your career, beautiful Libra. Childhood trauma can influence how we spend our days. Are you satisfied with your work, or are you just people-pleasing? You do not have to totally switch careers, but make sure to begin a hobby for you and solely you.


You have a tendency to self-sabotage relationships due to unresolved trauma, whether you recognize it or not, Scorpio. Whether you’re seeking to make a long-term relationship work or getting back into dating, contemplate working with a therapist so that when love enters the picture, you’re ready to receive it healthily and heartily.


There’s no simple way to say this, Sag, but you can be a bit harsh sometimes. Of course, you’re the life of the party and one of the most charismatic zodiac signs, but when you consider yourself to be threatened, you may lash out. This clearly can influence how your coworkers, partners, and friends see you. Chiron retrograde challenges you to dig into any anger problems and find different healthy outlets to display these emotions.


You work so hard, Capricorn, that you often overlook your own demands. But let’s be real — you need to unwind. Take some time off. Believe that the world will keep spinning if you step aside from your career for a minute. If you do the work to take care of unresolved concerns, you will be more fruitful in the long run.


Yes, you have trauma, Aquarius, and you definitely know it. You may not openly share it with others, but you realize your wounds. Nevertheless, they can prompt you to reject intimacy to seem carefree. Chiron advises trying an instrument, art, or a different creative hobby to show your pain in a personal and safe setting.


It’s not your fault that life went slowly during the pandemic, gentle Pisces. Everyone had their personal life and work interrupted. Transitioning back to “normal” can feel scary and trigger past fears. Move gradually, think about journaling, and be kind to yourself as you start socializing again