Celeb-Loved Brand Marcell Von Berlin Now Makes Chic Underwear

Prepare your lingerie drawer. European brand Marcell Von Berlin, worn by Jennifer Lopez, Amelia Gray Hamlin, Zedd and more, has launched an underwear collection to keep you looking chic all the way from the bedroom to the street. 

The company, which originated in Berlin in 2012, is known for creating high-end, innovative looks that Von Berlin refers to as “street couture.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Fave Street Couture Brand Marcell Von Berlin Is Now Making Chic Underwear
Garments from Marcell Von Berlin’s new underwear line. Ryan Jerome

“Street couture is a distinctive combination of the classic new look and casual street style,” the designer tells Stylish.

“Feminine and masculine silhouettes are combined with sporty elements and refined patterns to get the unique style my label stands for. I am using innovative materials and geometric cuts to create unique designs,” he dishes. 

When it came to Marcell Von Berlin’s first underwear collection, the designer wanted this same theme to come through and he looked to his customers and their different body types for inspiration. 

Jennifer Lopez’s Fave Street Couture Brand Marcell Von Berlin Is Now Making Chic Underwear
Marcell Von Berlin’s new underwear. MARCELL VON BERLIN

“I don’t follow any major trends. I try to focus on my own trends and develop ideas that are a fit for Marcell Von Berlin and my customers,” he explains. 

“All bodies are beautiful and deserve to be highlighted, especially with my looks. … Everybody should feel and look good and this starts with the first layer of the clothes,” the designer says.

Von Berlin’s underwear collection, made up of styles including fun camouflage print underwear, cut-out mesh bras, off-the-shoulder bras, sports bras, hipsters and more, is meant to instill confidence in everyone and can have the same effect as wearing an elegant accessory according to him. 

“For me, having great underwear is like having a nice watch. You want quality, you want to look good in it and you want it to make you feel sexy,” he dishes. 

As for his “lingerie” rules, Von Berlin recommends putting your own spin on it and simply wearing what you feel great in. “I like to keep it uncomplicated. Every piece in our underwear collection matches another and you can mix and match them the way you want,” he says. 

“Our customers are getting very creative when putting their outfits together, especially when it comes to the crop tops for women. As a designer, it’s an honor to inspire people to think out of the box and create their own styles,” he reveals. 

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