5 Safe Ways to Cleanse Crystals

Crystals are very efficient at healing because they can absorb or pick up subtle imbalances, negative energies, and psychic debris and remove them for you. Nevertheless, they can then get overloaded and require purification sometimes. Just like you feel better after a refreshing vacation or bath, your crystals need a routine trip to the crystal “spa,” too.

There are 5 safe ways we suggest cleansing crystals.


You can choose a routine that suits your weather, environment, and personal preference. And you can change up your cleansing method and see what operates best for you. Make your Crystal Cleansing Ritual a unique one for yourself, too, and savor the experience. Be sure to declare your intention that the stones be cleansed of energies accumulated during the healing process and bless them with a feeling of wonder and gratitude.


While water is an excellent cleanser for humans, be cautious using water with stones, so you don’t harm soft or delicate crystals. Water works best with polished stones, never natural or rough stones or geodes. Use techniques below like smoke or moonlight for delicate or rough crystals.

We suggest using the water method by dipping the crystals in a bowl of plain water or hold for a minute under running water. In any circumstance, we NEVER suggest using saltwater on our crystals as the dissolved salt can enter microscopic fissures and eventually undermine the stone and remove the shine. You can dedicate several polished stones like Lapis, Rose Quartz, or Aquamarine to use in your bath, knowing that their shine may become dull eventually. Still, the crystals know they are there on your behalf, so they will not mind if they become a little washed out if they are committed bath crystals.


Moonlight is a safe and favored way to cleanse any crystal type, polished or rough, since they do not touch anything besides soft moonlight. There is a nine-day period during the moon cycle (waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, and Waning Gibbous). There is sufficient moonlight to bathe them. Nevertheless, it is possible to use any moon phase if you are practiced at calling in suggestive energies. Set your crystals near a window or outside on a table bathed in the moonlight for several hours. Make sure dew does not wet them. In the morning, your crystals will be available to go back to work.


With intention, reverberating sound can be utilized to cleanse crystals. You can use any type of instrument. We recommend a tingsha, tuning fork, singing bowl, bell, chime, or your own voice chanting a mantra or prayer. Let the sound wash over the crystals and actively visualize them, releasing past energies on the sound waves.


Sunlight is a mighty Crystal Cleanser, but only for some types. A few crystals will fade with continued exposure to sunlight, such as Ametrine, Aventurine, Apatite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Citrine, Calcite, Celestite, Smokey Quartz, Chrysoprase, Kunzite, Sapphire, Fluorite, and Rose Quartz. To be secure, do not place these in sunlight for more than a few minutes. Additionally, be aware that Clear Quartz can warm up in direct sunlight and increase the sun’s rays to start a fire if the crystal is on wood, paper, or some other combustible material. Otherwise, sunlight is an exceptional cleanser, but just like your skin, too much of it can create a “crystal sunburn.”


Crystals appreciate a visit to the woods, by a waterfall or stream, sitting on a tree branch, or just a clean air environment. Guard them against damage from falling, dampness, or too much sun. If you fancy a visit to Nature, your crystals will also. And sometimes your own backyard will be the ideal place. If the air is dirty and full of smoke or other irritants, wait until the air is clean to set them out. Although some people like to conceal their crystals in the Earth for cleansing, we advise doing this with caution, keeping the crystals dry and identifying the spot where they are buried, so you do not misplace them.