Trump to unveil immigration plan aimed at changing narrative

President Donald Trump on Thursday will unveil a new immigration proposal that would transfer the United States toward a more merit-based strategy and boost border security — and aimed at countering the idea he is anti-immigrant.

Especially, the strategy would not change the total number of immigrants permitted in the U.S. lawfully — only try to change the makeup of the law. Nor could it deal with the illegal immigration people\.

Trump will send the broad outlines of the offering, drafted mostly from the president of son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, on Thursday afternoon in the White House.

“During the past couple years I’ve heard a great deal of individuals attempt to explain the president’s immigration policy,” said a senior White House official. “And a great deal of that which people say is not reflective of that which he says into his team and also to us. What we have set together is the president’s immigration policy”

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