Thought Without Action is Just a Wish

We’re all aware that maintaining good spiritual health as well as physical health for your body, mind and soul are part of true meaningful zen.

Spiritual awakening is critical to successfully unlock your truest self – but there’s obviously more to being happy than just having a blissful spirit.

Unfortunately .. much of it is of the material world (read: actual physical labor, discipline and sweat-equity).  For those of us with a desk-oriented position in life this poses a challenge.

Here’s what I’ve found makes it easier to keep in tune spiritually and semi-toned while still being at peace with what matters.


  • You can pick videos by the level of intensity ( I prefer lazy-mode )
  • Audio & Video classes are available (also text-guides for those who like to read)
  • The music is actually not bad at all

Take a look and thank me (or curse my name) later

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