‘The Masked Singer’ Unveils the Eagle — and Shocks Everyone!

Can Nicole ScherzingerJenny McCarthyKen Jeong and Robin Thicke guess the new celebrities competing on The Masked Singer?

During the Wednesday, October 9, episode, the final group of new celebrities were introduced: The Flower, the Penguin, the Fox and the Eagle. While this is the first time they’ve performed, this group did give a few hints during the season’s early sneak peek.

During that special, the Flower had the numbers “314” on the wall behind her. The Eagle rocked his “signature rockstar outfit” — a red bandana and sun medallion. He also said, “If you know an eagle’s body temperature, you may be hot on my tail.” (That number is 106.) The Penguin rocked many different hairstyles in polaroid snaps. Lastly, the Fox’s main clue was, “This superhero is ready to devour the competition.” He also stood near a “Studio 46” sign.

First up, the Flower and the Eagle went head-to-head but the Eagle came up short. When the Fox and the Penguin competed, the Fox won. During the Smackdown, the Eagle sang “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” while the Fox performed “Worth It.”

When the Fox won, the judges gave their final guests ahead of the Eagle’s reveal: Howard SternAdam Carolla, Craig Ferguson and Jeff Foxworthy. However, they were all wrong. Dr. Drew Pinksy was the Eagle!

He was shocked that McCarthy, 46, kept guessing Carolla — Dr. Drew’s cohost on Loveline. As for his hints, the Celebrity Rehab host recently revealed he had fought prostate cancer; his father had died in 2009 and his mother passed away in 2017.

“It challenged me, certainly. It feels like I’ve got more range now. I can do things I didn’t know I could do. I could not do it without this,” the celebrity doctor said of the mask in a post-show interview with Fox. “Well, the [judges] were kind of close, but way off at the same time.”

Scroll through the gallery below for all the clues from the episode.

The Flower

Song: “9 to 5” 

Video clues: She says she is a multi-tasker, from cooking to clothing to crafts. She doesn’t go to the grocery store without makeup and made references to “Vision of Love” and “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” Additionally, she made an Empire reference.

Flower’s clue: “I’m beautiful and I smell so good.”

Judges’ guesses: Taraji P. Henson, Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Bjork

Michael Becker / FOX

The Eagle

Song: “I Would Do Anything for Love”

Video clues: The Eagle has suffered a health scare and recently lost of a parent. He has “spent so much time listening to other peoples’ stories,” that he hasn’t been able to write his own. “I don’t just hang out with rockstars, I am one,” he said.

The Eagle’s clue: “I can see things miles away that other people may not see.”

Judges’ guesses: Howard Stern, Adam Carolla, Craig Ferguson, Bret Michaels

Michael Becker / FOX

The Penguin

Song: “The Middle”

Video clues: In her video, The Penguin says she’s been told she’s “not pretty enough,” not smart enough and not funny enough” her whole life. She also said, “I’m not your secretary” and her hit list included a classroom bully, a comedy club owner, Hollywood casting director, exes, the press and “myself.” 

The Penguin’s clue: “Everything is not as black and white as it seems.”

Judges’ guesses: Melissa McCarthy, Megan Mullally, Kathy Griffin, Sherri Shepherd

Michael Becker / FOX

The Fox

Song: “This Love”

Video clues: The Fox said he does his best work at night and has dabbled in different genres. He also said he has lived two differnet lives — the real me and superhero. He’s also said he’s worked with Doogie and Doubtfire.

The Fox’s clue: “I’m quick, I refuse to be caged in and I’m crafty.”

Judges’ guesses: Wesley Snipes, Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Mackie, Tyrese Gibson, Jamie Foxx

Michael Becker / FOX

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