The Craziest Celebrity Secrets Exposed On Howard Stern

James Franco found himself in hot water in 2014 when he slid into the DM’s of a 17-year-old girl. Franco, who was 35 at the time, tried to get her to hook up. She didn’t, but she did take a screenshot of the conversation, then shared it with everyone.

The actor came on the radio show and was brutally honest when talking to Stern about the incident.

“I’m not going to high schools looking for dates,” he said. “I’m leaving my work and they’re coming there… look, my fan base is like 17-year-old girls. If I do a book signing, it’ll be 17-year-old to 30-year-old women. That’s my biggest fan base. So I saw her, and she’s saying on her page, ‘I love James Franco,’ blah blah blah… So that, to me, sounds like, okay, she’s interested.”

“I was a gentleman. I said, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?'” he continued. “And her response was, ‘Not when you’re around.’ So that, to me, sounds like, okay, she’s interested.”

“I don’t think she posted it knowing what was going to happen,” he said of the screen shots she posted. “I think she was somebody that had, you know, 100, maybe at the most 500, friends on Twitter, or followers or whatever. And she’s thinking not, ‘Here’s a guy hitting on me,’ [but] ‘Here is James Franco, this image I have of James Franco, hitting on me. Oh, my god, my friends will never believe this.'”

“So she’s just used to tweeting something to her friends and she’ll get, you know, 20 likes…[but] when she put that on, obviously people pick up on it. She even took it down. But again, it was too late. And my sense is it turned bad on her.”

“Now people want to say I victim-bashed her,” he continued. “How is she a victim? I was like anybody, just trying to meet somebody. It’s just that my dirty s–t gets put out internationally.”