is an abstraction of Aries Physical Constellation. It represents the first twelve-fifths of the complete circle or longitude crossed by the sun over about 30.4 days, starting at the time of the vernal equinox, the start of spring. The name of the sign is founded on the fact that the origin of the Aries sign is at the identical point as the projection of the Aries constellation, when the Zodiac System was conceived in Babylonia, some 2,500 years ago, during the “Age of Aries.”

Just like every other constellation, the constellations of Aries were imagined into the night sky to tell a story. It was named after the Rambam, a major player in one of the myths told by ancient Greeks. The Aries constellation does not mean the RamRam in every culture. The Golden Fleece Ram was conceptualized unusually. Show Source Texts
Poseidon, a sea god, turned the nymph into a sheep to keep it away from many of her suitors. This Rambam not only had the Golden Fleece, but he could also fly and was best known for helping a mother with her two children, a boy and girl, Phrixus and Hera. They were Nephele and Athamas children, who had gotten a divorce over Athamas’ second wife, Inc. When his son was falsely accused of rape, and he realized both his son’s lives were in danger, Nephele gave them to the Rambam, hoping it would take them from their stepmother. Flying over a narrow pass between Europe and Asia, Hellie fell off the RamRam, taking one of its antlers with her.

This myth shows the profound link to Aries signs and constellations, with all sorts of stories that we can apply to the times in which we live. When you see the planets in Aries signs, you can picture the story of the girl that was not saved, fell to her death, or was saved, only to be sexually assaulted. You can imagine a story about an individual born out of a relationship of possession, with the father keeping his mom away from his opportunities so that he could have her. You can see a dad who pretended to be someone that he was not, just so that he could have them as children.

The key story here, though, is the betrayal story. While the myth has a few endings, mostly the sign Aries involves a male baby being saved but then having a ram destroyed afterward. The silver lining to the myth, which is shown in cases where there is an extremely strong placement of the sign Aries and its ruling planets in someone’s chart, is focused on the time of birth when a golden fleeced ram is born, that it has golden fleece, is fearless, and can fly. Mostly, in the optimistic view, the Aries tale is about escaping certain death and being saved by an incredible, powerful, and rich person.