Shrill Season 2 has an official release date—and the outfits in the first photos are GOLD

Pretty much immediately after we watched Shrill, the body-positive Hulu series based on author Lindy West’s 2016 memoir of the same name, we were more than ready for a second season. The series was renewed for a second season in April, but we hadn’t heard much about it all spring and summer. At long last, star Aidy Bryant has revealed some details about Shrill Season 2, and it turns out we won’t have to wait too long to catch up with Annie and her pals.

On Monday, November 4th, Bryant took to Instagram to share that eight new episodes of the show will premiere on Hulu on Friday, January 24th, writing in her caption, “I cannot wait for you to see!!!”
Along with the release date, Bryant shared some stills from the upcoming second season, and it seems that her best friend and roommate, Fran, as well as her boyfriend, Ryan, are both back. But according to a synopsis Hulu sent to HelloGiggles, things don’t stay copacetic for long.

“Annie starts the season on a high,” reads the synopsis. “She has faced her demons head on—her mom, her boss and her troll—and she’s feeling pretty good. She also has her boyfriend Ryan by her side. But the high doesn’t last long.”

Apparently in the episodes ahead, “Annie realizes that quitting her job was a hasty move,” and “things aren’t perfect with Annie’s mom either.” She also faces more relationship struggles with Ryan as she seems to move ahead in her career and he doesn’t. Meanwhile, Fran is going through a breakup of her own. “This season Annie is no longer the doormat she once was,” the synopsis says, “but it’s not as easy as she thought to get what she always imagined she wanted.”

Hulu also shared some first-look photos from the upcoming season—and yes, the incredible, colorful fashion is back.
There also seems to be a heavy dose of the female friendship between Annie and Fran that we loved so much in Season 1, so we’re stoked.

Shrill fans are understandably excited about the show’s return, and perhaps not-so-patiently waiting for January, when the new season will drop.

We can’t wait to see what the creators have in store for us for Season 2. Is it January yet??

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