Root Chakra Meditation

Chakra is an ancient spirituality that focuses on the energy of your body. While there are upwards of hundreds of chakras in your body, there are six main chakras that you should focus on: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye, and crown.

The root chakra is the base for all of the other chakras and rests at your tailbone. This particularly chakra is associated with your feet, legs, tailbone, and hips. Having a centered and balanced root chakra will help you gain balance in your life and your other chakras. To help care for your root chakra, follow this meditation.

Prepare for Meditation

One of the most important things you can do for your root chakra meditation is to prepare yourself. Find a quiet spot, dim the lights, and light a candle or incense. Sit in a chair, planting your feet flat on the ground or cross-legged on the floor, resting on your knees. Lift your spine up, sitting as straight as possible. Closing your eyes, slowly breathe in and out as you slowly count to ten. You are now ready to begin your root chakra meditation.

Root Chakra Meditation

As you center and slow your breathing, think about how you see your life when it is guided by kindness. Thinking about this, visualize three golden roads. The first road is your health; the second is your mind and how you think about your well-being; the third is your soul. It is this third road that holds the secrets to guide you to a happy, content life. As you look at the three roads, you notice that they converge into one. This road represents your most balanced, most blissful state.

When you are ready, start down the road. Take slow, deliberate steps and notice the fall of your feet and how your joints feel when you walk. With each step, feel a connection with the road and its energy surging through your feet, legs, and spine. This energy is kindness, and it is filling your life with every step that you take.

When you feel full of this kind of energy, stop and visualize the people close to you. Feel connected to them through kindness, ready to help, love, and care for them. Take a deep breath as you feel your kind energy pass from you to them. It is this energy of kindness that grounds you and helps you make healthy decisions for your well-being, success, and growth.

Taking one more deep breath, start wiggling your fingers, and open your eyes. You are now done with your root chakra mediation.

After Your Meditation

After you have finished your root chakra mediation, take some time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Start keeping a journal to record your thoughts and idea concerning your mediation. To be more mindful about your kindness in between your meditation, write down the kind acts you did or times when others have shown you kindness. If you find yourself struggling to show compassion in certain situations or toward certain people, write it down to reflect on it during your next root chakra mediation.