Rivian debuts a pull-out kitchen for its electric pickup truck

Sometimes you need scrambled eggs. With this thought, now at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ, Rivian announced a significant accessory for its pickup: A Circle kitchen. The device slides out of the so-called gear tunnel that resides between cab and the bed of the Rivian R1T. The kitchen comprises storage and a stove that’s powered from the R1T’s 180kWh battery package.

This kitchen unit is the very first important concept Rivian has introduced for the pickup’s unusual gear tunnel. This space provides a different secured storage compartment for the pickup — when it had been revealed, but why have it all, many asked? And with this kitchen , Rivian is responding to the queries. It appears Rivian wants to make its vehicles the center of a ecosystem of add-ons. The business demonstrated vehicle-mounted tents, racks and even a flashlight that hides at the side of the driver’s doorway\. \Anticipate more outdoor and camping gear as Rivian cements its brand image\.

Rivian is positioning its products for a particular way of life. Think \, Range Rover-driving, outdoorsy types or Patagonia-wearing those who aspire to get this image. It’s a play, and so far, Rivian has remained true to this picture. All its own advertisements, social media posts, and looks make it very clear that Rivian is closely aligning its own brand image.

Trucks and SUVs are usually marketed to workman and families. TV commercials feature men hauling bails of women and hay unloading groceries and shutting the back tailgate\. But maybe not Rivian.

So far Rivian has revealed its goods in the backwoods, conducting paths and sitting next to campfires. The people in the advertisements are on an experience, wearing coats by The North Face and sleeping in REI tents. Together with the kitchen out of the announcements of today, they could pull on a kitchen and also make some coffee.

Rivian tells TechCrunch that this is just a notion, however, the company intends to deliver this unit into production. There are likely to be units for your equipment tunnel. I, for one, would love to have a slide-out dog washing machine and drying channel since there’s nothing worse than placing a dog\.

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