Opinion: US women aren't backing off at World Cup as they dominate Chile


Released 2: 05 p.m. ET June (***********************************************************), respectively 2019 | Updated 2: 20 p.m. ET June (***********************************************************), respectively 2019

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PARIS —  anybody who thought that the U.S. girls might dial back it or tone down it doesn’t understand the U.S. women.

Though the final score didn’t look nearly as lopsided since the rout over Thailand, the Americans were no less ruthless in their own 3-0 rout win over Chile on Sunday afternoon. Carli Lloyd scored twice, putting a World Cup record with at least one goal in her sixth successive game, also Julie Ertz added a second with a backward header off a corner kick.

In actuality, the only thing preventing this from becoming another laugher has been Chile goalkeeper Christiane Endler, who really must have been named player of the game. She left at least three magnificent saves in the second half, and should you visit Christen Press muttering from the next few days, then you’ll understand why. 

But it doesn’t change the simple fact that the Americans kept their foot on the gas. They desire this World Cup title — awful — and they don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about them.

The victory translates the Americans for next week’s couple of rounds, using a Group F match against old nemesis Sweden still to emerge Thursday. 

The Americans got no lack of criticism after Tuesday night’s win over Thailand. Some quibbled about the 13-0 score, never realizing purpose differential is the very first tiebreaker in the World Cup. But most of the vitriol was directed at the U.S. women’s celebrations.

They were over the top, some stated. Uncomfortable to watch. Unsportsmanlike. Never mind that the Thailand players and coach didn’t take issue together, the manners police decided they knew better.

When asked about the controversy, the U.S. women either said they were not conscious of it or pointed out they weren’t showing their competitors but rather trying to incorporate the bench players in the victory. And, indeed, in the event you really watched the late-goal parties, you’d see they had been team-focused and not choreographed stunts.

While there were no late-game celebrations within this game since there were not any objectives in the second half, Lloyd delivered a very clear message regarding the Americans’ attitude and the merciless approach they are going to have in this championship game. After banging home a bad clearance at the 11th moment, Lloyd hugged a few teammates and then, using a sly smile that gave a little golf .

She then conducted to the sidelines and slapped palms with each one the bench players.

The Americans are likely to play with how they want, when they want, and they’re not searching for anyone’s approval. They’re here to win a World Cup name, not a popularity contest.


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