No Charm! Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel’s Dirty Custody Deal Details Exposed

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and her ex Thomas Ravenel‘s shocking custody deal details have been revealed, can exclusively report.

As Radar reported yesterday, Dennis was awarded joint custody of the kids she shares with baby daddy Ravenel — daughter Kensie, 5, and son Saint, 3.

The Blast first reported that a South Carolina judge had issued the temporary order regarding custody and child support relating to the former couple’s children.

It was a win for Dennis.

She and scandal-plagued Ravenel, who never married, have been long locked in a vicious custody battle, with each demanding to have the children full time.

Now, Family Court documents from South Carolina filed on August 15 and obtained by Radar show that the tumultuous two aren’t allowed to drink or ever do illegal drugs around their children.

Either Dennis, 28, or Ravenel, 57, can request a drug and alcohol screening, called an ETG test, at any time, the legal papers also reveal.

The court documents read, “Either parent may request ETG testing of the other at any time when the parent has the children (for example – at the end of their parenting time).”

In a stunning ruling, it said they need to inform one another of the test request in writing, and need to take the test “within 24 hours of the request with Dr. DeHaven.”

“The Court shall retain the right to mandate alcohol and/or drug testing at any time” and the two “will be required to provide the results to the Court.”

Dennis lost custody of the children in 2016 but recently regained parental rights following her stint in rehab.

The explosive court docs also show that the two aren’t allowed to trash talk each other or have others do so.

In addition, Dennis and Ravenel, who is embroiled in other uncomfortable legal issues, can’t have sleep overs with romantic partners when they have the kids — and the children can’t call their parents’ boyfriends or girlfriends “mother” or “father.”

The legal order has banned them “From exposing the children to any violent or profane language, materials, conduct” and “From exposing the children to any age inappropriate movies, video/computer games and websites.”

The sexy reality TV star and ex-politician were told by the court they can’t harm, harass, molest, threaten, or intimidate the other, their family or their friends, in any manner whatsoever.

Scroll through Radar’s gallery for more on the temporary court order and what it means for Dennis and Ravenel and their kids.

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