Meet the Vandy whistler(s) headed to Omaha for College World Series

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Released 1: 14 p.m. ET June 16, 2019

The Vandy Whistlers, Preacher Franklin and Jeff Pack are the fans that other SEC fans love to hate.
Adam Sparks

OMAHA, Neb. — Some Vanderbilt fans want the Vandy whistler leading the way in the College World Series. Many college baseball fans want his chirping this week end, nowhere near Omaha and ESPN broadcasts.

Both may receive their wish.

Despite a frequent misconception, the Vanderbilt baseball enthusiast called Vandy whistler is really two different men. One of these , Preacher Franklin, stated he will be at Vanderbilt’s match against Louisville Sunday (2 p.m. EST, ESPN) in the College World Series.

The other whistler, Jeff Pack, cannot attend the early section of the tournament because of work obligations. He hopes to make it to the tournament show when Vanderbilt improvements to Omaha.

“However, I won’t be whistling in the home,” Pack said.

So that whistle will be observed at TD Ameritrade Park from the Vanderbilt-Louisville game?

Franklin’s design is much more rapid-fire whistling, frequently letting loose in three fast shrieks — chirp, chirp, chirp. Along with his whistles are delivered through the sport as opposed to as part of bigger cheers.

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For TV viewers, Franklin’s whistles seem like constant shrieks amid other ballpark sounds.

Pack, that won’t be at Sunday’s game, has a more organized whistle. He frequently uses it to direct Vanderbilt cheers — chirp, chirp, chirp, clap, clap, clap, chirp, chirp, chirp.

Still confused? Here is which whistler is here

Pack, who is not in Omaha, is the Vandy whistler that acquired significant TV time throughout the SEC Championship , if it appeared that he was ejected from the stadium after some fans complained about his own whistling. Instead, he had been transferred to a different area.

Package was booed and cheered through the episode and maintained whistling. Subsequently, fans of many teams encouraged him posed for selfie photos . Others \jeered him.

Franklin said he obtained a threatening text message in the undercover Ole Miss fan during the SEC Tournament. His mobile number, that can be used for his business, was listed online. He suspects the enthusiast got it from that point.

Franklin, who is at Omaha, went here together with two buddies in his Vandy whistler van, and an extremely recognizable black and gold motor automobile\. “Whistler” is painted onto the driver’s side door, and a 2014 national championship logo is on the other side window.

Both Frankin and Package consumed attended Vanderbilt’s past College World Series appearances in 2011, 2014 and 2015.

ESPN (allegedly) tried to quiet whistling in Omaha

Throughout Vanderbilt’s 2014 national name operate, Pack and Franklin were whistling continuously during the game, and the ESPN Irons hanging overhead selected up each single sound.

They both say a security guard and an ESPN team member threatened to throw them from the ballpark if they continued whistling. An ESPN spokesperson denied the claim in the time.

Franklin has been arriving to TD Ameritrade Park this past week.

“I have been whistling like this because I was a teen, and no one ever cared,” Franklin explained. “It got blown out in 2014 at the College World Series. But I was whistling at the College World Series at 2011, and no one said anything.”

But ESPN has helped market the Vandy whistler, either Franklin or Bundle, in other broadcasts as.


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