Kardashians ‘No Longer Passionate’ About Filming ‘KUWTK’ Amid Ratings Slump

Keeping Up With The Kardashians ratings have been in a downward spiral since the season 17 premiere and Sept. 8, and now Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and krew are “no longer passionate” about filming because of it.

The 17th season debut started off with just over one million viewers, but now just a few weeks in, the show has dropped by almost 20% in a month, leaving TV executives worried how far they will continue to fall, sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER.

“The glory days of the show are totally over,” the informant revealed. “Now just 862,000 viewers are watching which isn’t good!”

Amid the ratings nightmare, execs at the network worry it will only get worse. “There is fear within E! that the numbers will drop even further,” sources told STRAIGHT SHUTER.

And with the dwindling numbers, the family’s ambition for the show is also dwindling. “The alarm bells are ringing. It is like the entire family has given up on the show.”

“Kim and her sisters are no longer passionate about filming it, and you can tell,” snitched the source.

“What doesn’t make sense is why they are continuing. If they don’t want to do it anymore just stop. The secret is to know when to walk away, and that moment is now.”