Justin Long Jokes John Stamos Is Trolling Ex Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell

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A little split humor. Justin Long had a laugh at John Stamos’ expense after a troll slammed the Fuller House star’s ex-wife Rebecca Romijns husband, Jerry O’Connell.

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O’Connell, 45, shared a post via Instagram on Wednesday, July 31, which highlighted a nasty comment about him by a poster known as “Sloane” from “Everywhere, United States.”

“I don’t see how she can stand being married to that jackass,” Sloane wrote regarding an article about the Stand by Me star’s new daytime talk show, Jerry O. “I can’t believe some idiot gave him a show.”


The Scream 2 star took the high road, offering the mystery commenter tickets to the limited series. “Sloane!” he wrote. “I got two tix to the @jerryoshow with your name on ’em!”

Long, 41, however, thought he just might have Sloane’s identity figured out.

“I wonder why Sloane doesn’t just go by his actual name, John Stamos,” he teased.

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The Grandfathered actor, 55, was married to Romijn, 46, from 1998 to 2005.

Though O’Connell admitted to reporters in February 2017 that he instantly “clicked” with the X-Men actress after meeting her and Stamos, who were still married at the time, at a Maxim party, he maintained that nothing romantic occurred between him and his future spouse until after her divorce was finalized.

“I remember thinking, ‘Wow. This girl is really beautiful and funny,’” the Jerry McGuire actor said. “I talked to her the whole party. My wife remembers that party and remembers us clicking. … Obviously, she was married, and I know shenanigans go on, but no shenanigans happened. But we clicked. Day one, we clicked.”

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Romijn and O’Connell went on to wed in July 2007. Leaving her former life behind turned out to be a challenge for the model, however, who told Redbook in July 2013 that eight years after her divorce, people were still calling her by her former married name of Romijn-Stamos.

“Oh my God, it happened to me last night!” she said in the interview.

Even the couple’s twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, know that their mom was once wed to Uncle Jesse!

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Full House is on a continual loop,” O’Connell said on a April 2015 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. “Because they expressed, like, real feelings for the character of Uncle Jesse, I said, ‘You know girls, I gotta tell you something. This is gonna be crazy…’”

The New York City native said things only got worse once they found out. “My kids really want to know why Mom isn’t still with him,” he joked. “[They say], ‘That was a mistake, Mom.’”

Stamos went on to marry wife Caitlin McHugh in February 2018. The couple welcomed their first child, Billy, on April 15 of that same year.

The Jerry O show will premiere on Fox on August 12.

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