Freshman Democrats rake in cash to protect the House

The vulnerable House Democrats are off to a quick start protecting their chairs — and their own party’s fragile new majority.

Nearly three-dozen Democratic freshmen at battleground districts raised more than $300,000 for their campaigns in the first three weeks of 2019 — a barometer of early momentum in the seats which could determine control of the chamber at the 2020 election. )

Competing using a busy Democratic presidential area as well as higher-profile Senate races, the newest class of Democrats responsible for flipping control of the home have struggled to sustain the torrent of campaign money, much of that in small donors, who enabled applicants to outspend GOP incumbents in the majority of the contested House races this past year. Since Democrats try to maintain their majority while waging war with President Donald Trump on several fronts as incumbents the numbers might help fend off GOP challengers.

Democrats now have a 19-seat majority in the room, which they won back in previous year’s midterm elections after eight years at the minority.

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