Dominican prosecutors say David Ortiz was not intended target in shooting


Released 7: 03 p.m. ET June (**************************************************************), respectively 2019 | Upgraded 7: 15 p.m. ET June (**************************************************************), 2019

USA TODAY Sports’ Bob Nightengale discusses the reactions of the baseball community after David Ortiz was wounded in a shooting in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic’s chief prosecutor stated Boston Red Sox celebrity David Ortiz was not the intended target of this June 9 shooting that put his life in peril, but had been only the victim of a hit gone wrong.

Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez said in a Wednesday press conference that Sixto David Fernandez, ” a friend of Ortiz’s who shared a table with him that night in the Dial Bar and Lounge in the capital city of Santo Domingo, was the true goal.

Rodriguez added a nurse called Victor Hugo Gomez, whom he said will be wanted by U.S. law enforcement, ordered the killing of Fernandez due to a longtime beef over supposedly providing information to the police about him.

Rodriguez said the gunman, identified by police since Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, was given a photograph of the intended victim however, the light made it look just like Fernandez was wearing white pants, since Ortiz was the night, and confused one for another.

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National Police Chief Ney Aldrin Bautista went on to describe an elaborate plot purportedly masterminded by Gomez to extract revival on Fernandez by choosing an inmate he met when both spent time in a Dominican jail.

“Sixto David Fernandez pointed into Victor Hugo Gomez since the one person who might need to attempt to kill him, which he had already expressed through repeated threatening speeches,” Rodriguez explained.

The AG said he interviewed Ortiz the afternoon after the episode along with the former baseball star known as”Big Papi” insisted he didn’t know anybody who would want to hurt him, and that he had not received any threats.

Ortiz, 43, has been taken in the rear at point-blank range whilst sitting in the bar’s patio. The shooter came in from behind and might not have noticed his face that is famous, although he is perhaps the best-known Dominican on the planet.

Dominican authorities have arrested 11 men in relation to the case, but before Wednesday they hadn’t supplied a motive for the attack. In the absence of an official version, unconfirmed tales regarding a liaison with the girlfriend of a drug kingpin and speculation have filled the void\.

Ortiz, that became one of the most well-known players in Red Sox history as he led them to three World Series championships, also stays in the intensive care unit of Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital. His wife, Tiffany, said Tuesday his condition was upgraded from”guarded” to”good”

The prior day, Dominican authorities identified fugitive Alberto Miguel Rodriguez Mota since the man they think compensated the hitmen to attack Ortiz in a case that has drawn worldwide attention.

Ferreira Cruz escaped after the shooting but was later captured. His alleged accomplice, recognized as Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, fell off his escape motorcycle and was pummeled by an enraged crowd prior to being handed over to police.


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