Ava Phillippe had the best response to Instagram users who compared her boyfriend to her dad

(*)Ava Phillippe had the best answer to Instagram users that compared her boyfriend for her daddy

If you’ve ever seen a photo of Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillippe collectively, you know that they look scarily similar. Their family resemblance is so strong that Phillippe nearly looks like she could be Witherspoon’s past self who’s somehow trapped at the present moment. Joking aside, we’re certain that Phillippe is utilised to remarks comparing her for her mom. But Instagram users recently compared her boyfriend to her dad, Ryan Phillippe–and Ava had the ideal response.
On June 9th, the 19-year-old shared a few cute selfies of her boyfriend into Instagram. (According to ET Online, her new beau’s name is Owen Mahoney.) From the film, she is all smiles, leaning into Mahoney’s chest as they sit on the yard in a film night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. It is a sweet post, but it was not long before users bombarded her feed with comments that Phillippe and Mahoney looked just like her parents, Reese and Ryan.
“He looks like your dad omg,” one person wrote.
Still another remark read,”Seems just like a young Ryan wow.” And still another user wrote that the image”makes me recall when Reese & Ryan were together.” We can see why this would make annoying.

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Thankfully, 1 user needed Phillippe’s back, composing,”he doesn’t look like your dad.”
“big thx,” Phillippe responded.
@avaphillippe, InstagramHey, we all do it. It would be embarrassing to hear folks say that your significant other looks like one of your own parents. Phillippe treated the situation like a pro. She and Mahoney are super cute together–and they definitely don’t look just like her parents.
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