Another Game of Thrones prequel is coming, starring this fan-favorite house

Another Game of Thrones prequel is coming, starring this fan-favorite house

Count your blessings, Game of Thrones addicts. According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO is on the cusp of ordering yet another prequel to the epic eight-season series. And this prequel will be all about the Mad Queen‘s lineage: House Targaryen. Release the dragons.
This prequel is not to be confused with the other prequel HBO already ordered from showrunner Jane Goldman, which stars Naomi Watts and had its pilot shot this summer. Goldman’s prequel is set thousands of years before the Game of Thrones we know and love took place, when Westeros was just about to enter The Long Night war against the White Walkers. As Deadline reports, it’s still unclear if that prequel will get picked up by the network.
Rather, this Targaryen-based prequel is set mere years before the Targaryen civil war—the Dance of Dragons—which took place about 300 years before Robert Baratheon made that fated visit to Winterfell to ask Ned Stark to be his hand.
George R. R. Martin, author of the series that started it all, is on board to executive produce this latest Game of Thrones prequel, Deadline reports.

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In his latest Westeros-set novel, Fire & Blood, which came out earlier this year, Martin chronicles 150 years-worth of House Targaryen history, painting a picture of what the world looked like when the Dragons were in control.
It’s believed that this prequel will be pulling most of its inspiration from Fire & Blood, as Martin teased in May.
“We have had five different Game of Thrones successor shows in development at HBO, and three of them are still moving forward nicely,” he wrote via his blog (one of those three being the Goodman-run pilot). “Two other shows remain in the script stage, but are edging closer. What are they about? I cannot say. But maybe some of you should pick up a copy of Fire & Blood and come up with your own theories.”

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The various scripts Martin talks about in the post were commissioned by HBO back in 2017, when the end of Game of Thrones was in sight. Knowing that it wanted to keep Thrones viewers coming back, the network hired five screenwriters to pitch prequel ideas.
As of right now, the Goodman-led prequel and the Fire & Blood-based prequel, written by both Martin and Colony co-creator and executive producer Ryan Condal, are seemingly the front runners.
Although HBO has never ordered a prequel or sequel to any of their original series before, it’s obvious why the network wants to keep riding the Game of Thrones success. The final season alone racked up an outstanding 32 Emmy nominations this year. However, prequels and sequels are tricky beasts to tame, and sadly, if not done correctly, a Thrones prequel might end up looking like an obvious cash grab rather than a new masterpiece.
Hopefully, with Martin at the helm of this latest pilot, the integrity of what made the first few seasons of Thrones amazing will stay intact and remain true to the Westeros we know and love.
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