Accused Killer Of Drew Carey’s Ex Dr. Amie Harwick Jokes About Murder In Chilling Video

The man arrested for the murder of Drew Carey’s ex-fiancée Dr. Amie Harwick posted a chilling video on his Instagram months before the killing.

In the clip, Gareth Pursehouse is seen smiling while discussing a grisly episode of Game of Thrones.

“Ok, Game of Thrones, first season: the brother and sister are up in the castle and then the kid sees them through the window and the brother has to go and throw the kid off to kill him. And, even though it’s evil, I feel kind of bad for the brother because even though he doesn’t want to do it, his sister incest-ed,” he says, laughing at his own play on words.

Upon seeing the clip, which was posted on May 11, 2019, some fans noticed the eerie similarities between the murder being discussed and the murder in which Pursehouse, 41, is now being considered a suspect.

“Foreshadowing?” one user wrote.

“Wow….” another commented.

As previously reported, Dr. Harwick — a Hollywood sex and family therapist — died from blunt force after falling from the third-floor balcony of her Hollywood Hills apartment on February 15. Los Angeles police arrived at the scene after Harwick’s male roommate called 9-1-1 saying Harwick, 38, was being assaulted in the home.

After scouting the scene, police determined that Pursehouse, Harwick’s ex-boyfriend, seemingly entered the residence by force and left after the murder.

Pursehouse was arrested later that day in his home but released on Tuesday, February 18, on a $2 million bond, according to reports.

Prior to the murder, Harwick accused her ex of stalking and abusing her and was granted various restraining orders against him.

“He has suffocated me, punched me, slammed my head on the ground, kicked me,” she wrote in court documents according to various outlets.

All the restraining orders reportedly expired weeks before her death, around the same time Pursehouse ran into Harwick while on a photography gig at a starry porn awards show hosted by Stormy Daniels.

The run-in “seemed to reignite his obsessive preoccupation with her,” Harwick’s friend and fellow sex therapist Hernando Chaves, who was with her that night, told CBS.

Following news of Harwick’s death, Pursehouse’s mother, Barbara, told Radar in an exclusive interview that Harwick left her son about six years ago and “broke his heart.”

The suspected killer’s distraught mother, who seemed incredulous that her estranged son was involved in a murder case, added that following his split from Harwick, Pursehouse cut off communication with his entire family.

Harwick — who appeared in the 2015 documentary Addicted to Sexting and on seven episodes of Braxton Family Values in 2016 — dated Pursehouse before falling for The Price Is Right host Carey, 61. She and the TV star had a very high-profile relationship but called it quits in 2018, about one year after he proposed. Following her death, Carey said in a statement to Radar that he is “overcome with grief.”

“This is an ongoing investigation and this case will be presented to the District Attorney for filing consideration on Wednesday, February 19, 2020,” the LAPD told Radar.