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Think about the last time someone informed you that they liked your ideas. How about the last time someone said they admire the way you feel compassion for people around you. Now, think about when you last heard someone say that your shirt was cool or your hair looked pretty.

Which compliment gave you a more significant lift?


Spreading kindness with compliments is one of the easiest ways to lift the spirits of those around you. Still, we often get caught up in the idea that compliments have to focus on appearance rather than our being’s substance.

And honestly, you never know what kind of discomfort or vulnerabilities someone might be facing about their physical appearance – even something as kind as admiring someone’s smile can cause distress for individual suffering from self-esteem issues.


That’s why today, we will highlight ten compliments that will spread joy and lift vibrations without making any unnecessary comments about the way someone looks. Isn’t it time to stop putting so much value in appearances and begin focusing more on the things that make a person beautiful, like their generosity, kindness, or optimism?

The compliments below are more meaningful because they speak to an individual’s heart rather than on the surface.

So, if you’d like to master the art of compliments that fill the heart with happiness, read on!


1. You’re Such a Good Listener

People deal with so much anxiety and stress that it can be challenging to think about those around them.

When someone makes that heartfelt time to listen to what you have to say, commending them on their listening skills will build a symbiotic transfer of harmonious and healing energy.


2. Your Passion is Inspiring

Even if your interests are different than another individual, you may still admire their passion for a particular subject – so much so that their intensity might ignite a fire within you and inspire you to explore your drive and desires.

Letting an individual know that their passion is inspirational will encourage them to keep following their dreams.

When you see a colleague, friend, or family member putting their all into their creative or work projects, let them know that their hard work influences those around them in a positive way! That is a compliment that is sure to inspire.


3. Your Resilience and Strength is Admirable

2020 was a rough year, and we each dealt with our unique challenges.

When you see that an individual has overcome struggles and made it to a more stable and calm place, celebrate with them! Reminding someone that they’ve made it past the darkest parts will help them feel more prepared for the next bump in the road.

Life is a balance of both lows and highs. It’s necessary to remember that both positive and negative experiences are essential for life. But giving a loving reminder of someone’s determination and resilience might increase their mood to an even better place.


4. I Love Your Personality

Have you ever wanted to be appreciated for all of your eccentricities and quirks? When someone notices the unique, little things about you and finds them beautiful, it seems like you’re being seen for the very first time. 

While we most likely are not used to telling someone how much their personality amazes us, it might be what someone needs to hear to feel good about themselves.

Compliment someone on their cute obsession with Pokemon or their need for a mug of chamomile tea every evening. Let someone know how nice you think it is when they take your dishes to the sink or offer you the last bite.

Tell them how much you enjoy those things about them.


5. Your Authenticity is Contagious

In a society so focused on fitting in, it can be a real sign of bravery to share yourself with the world. We feel pressure to meet societal norms, which often surpass our desire to be our most genuine selves. 

When you notice that someone is their genuine nature, let them know how admirable that is!


Compliment the Soul & Mind

There are a lot of reasons to appreciate someone that has nothing to do with their appearance. Complimenting those things may be more meaningful than you ever knew.

When we raise others, we’re not only encouraging them to keep going and stay healthy, but we’re also increasing our positive vibrations by adding more positive energy into the world. It’s a win-win situation!

So, notice the little things about the people around you, and appreciate them for who they are, not how they look externally. Even though every person holds some external beauty, it is the value lying within that can brighten the soul.