10 Myths About Geminis That Need To Be Corrected

Gemini…the twin astrological air sign from May 20th – June 20th. While Geminis are generally seen as quirky, social, and jittery with lots of imagination, there are a lot of myths about their personalities. Here are 11 myths about Geminis that need to be corrected.

A Darker Side

Because the sign for Geminis is twins, many people believe they have a good side and a bad side, kind of like an angel and a devil. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, the twins symbolize the ability to adapt quickly to different situations and to consider multiple sides of the same story.

Always Late

No one likes having to wait around for someone running late, and Geminis are often blamed for being late. This isn’t true. While Geminis do tend to say yes to everything, that doesn’t mean that they will keep you waiting. Instead, they will usually reschedule.


Lairs aren’t usually very popular people, so it is a big myth that social Geminis are also liars. Many people think that Geminis are liars because of their popularity and because their sign is twins. However, listening and thinking about both sides of an issue doesn’t make someone a liar.


Once again, the twin sign generates another myth that Geminis are manipulative. This can’t be further from the truth. While this sign is generally very determined and straightforward, they are not willing to hurt others to get what they want.


Many people think that Geminis are irresponsible, but that is just a myth. Geminis do love participating in a lot of events, so being irresponsible wouldn’t be in their best interest. While they do meet many people and can sometimes forget names or dates, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are irresponsible. Instead, they may just be overwhelmed in a moment.


Geminis are social people, so saying that they are unfriendly is a myth. While Geminis may guard their heart, they are generally friendly and are open to meeting new people.


Geminis often get a reputation for being superficial because of their energetic, outgoing, and adaptable nature. Geminis definitely aren’t shallow and actually tend to look beyond the surface to see what isn’t always apparent.

Easily Distracted

With everything that Geminis get involved in, some people believe that it makes them easily distracted. This isn’t always the case. Their quick changes in perceptions and attention to the small details can sometimes make them come across as easily distracted.


Due to their social nature, Geminis are known to overbook themselves. Often times, this results in rushed dates, frantic traveling, and even canceled events. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Geminis are flaky. Instead, it shows that they are eager to please and are always ready to have a good time at your next social activity.

Adult Children

Geminis can sometimes be goofy, fun, and creative. Sometimes this can come off as childish. Geminis aren’t necessarily childish; instead, they know how to laugh, be silly, and relax. This makes Geminis ideal guests at your next party.